Join the iOS beta.

If you have an iOS device and would like to try WeatherKit out before everybody else, you're in luck.

Packed with powerful features, natural language and a beautiful design.


With WeatherKit, rain is no longer an unexpected surprise. You'll get notified when it's time to carry an umbrella.


We connect with your hyper-local weather stations to give you impressive accuracy. Fast and reliable.

Air Quality Index

It is important that you know when it's not safe for you to go outdoors. That picnic can wait.

5-day forecast

You can now reschedule that picnic, because you'll know that it will be sunny 5 days from now.


Keep an eye on other cities that you might visit or commute to, so you know how to plan ahead.

More to come

Our roadmap has tons of new and innovative features that will help you better understand weather.